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From fully habitable housing, to garden storage: in traditional pine, Nutec, and vibracrete.

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Wooden, Nutec, vibracrete, and more. We manufacture, supply, and install Wendy houses throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas. All work is guaranteed. From simple storage to full functioning living quarters, with plumbing and electrics, we can do it all to a professional, compliant, standard. All on-site work is done by our team of professional experts.


Maybe you have an existing Wendy house in need of repair, or you want to upgrade it to a more finished standard. It could be you want an addition to an existing building. Whatever your need we can help you. The same techniques used in wendy houses are becoming popular as alternatives to traditional building methods, so give us a call and see how we can help you.


Wendy houses are a big investment. But they are by their very definition, not permanently fixed in place. So if you relocate, why not do the same with your Wendy house. It could be a commercial site building or a garden shed, possibly even a home- we have the expertise to move your structure to a new setting.

Your perfect choice of Wendy house

  • Nutec Wendy Houses

    Nutec is a trade name for quality man-made cement fibre boards. Synthetic fibres are cast into quality Portland cement to create a board that is perfect for Wendy House manufacture.

    Nutec is great for Wendy houses because it doesn't rot, is easy to maintain, and pests like rodents hate trying to gnaw it.

    Nutec is more expensive than other cladding, but when put over one of our quality frames, it is an investment worth making.

  • Vibracrete Homes

    Vibracrete is a building system that creates sturdy buildings quickly and cost effectively. Whereas Wendy houses are built around a wooden frame, and are considered temporary structures, Vibracrete creates permanent buildings.

    Concrete posts are sunk deep into the ground around a solid concrete slab. The gaps between the posts are then filled with reinforced concrete panels. The panels can then be rendered. Walls are tied together using SABS wooden beams and a roof added.

    Although designed to build permanent structures quickly, Vibracrete makes amazingly solid, and long lasting structures, and is perfect if you want something more permanent.

  • Wooden Wendy Houses

    Often referred to as traditional Wendy houses, wooden wendys are made by cladding a wooden frame with treated pine boards.

    They are versatile, can be made to any size, and can fill a massive variety of roles. It could be simple garden shed, tucked in a nook of the garden, or a home to live in, complete with electrics and plumbing.

    And the great thing is, in most cases, the whole structure can be moved if required. There really is no quicker, more cost effective way to create more indoor space on a property.

Sample Price List

Here are price lists for our most popular wendy houses

Nutec prices flat boards

1.8m x 1.8mR8000
1.8m x 2.4mR8999
2.4m x 2.4mR9550
3m x 3mR10500
3m x 4mR12500
3m x 6mR16000
3m x 7mR18500
3m x 9mR21500
3m x 12mR26000
6m x 6mR26000
6m x 9mR35000
6m x 12mR45000

Nutec overlapping

1.8m x 1.8mR10200
1.8m x 2.4mR11500
2.4m x 2.4mR12750
3m x 3mR14000
3m x 6mR22500
3m x 9mR29000
3m x 12mR38000
6m x 6mR38000
6m x 9mR49500
6m x 12mR57000

Wooden Wendy houses

2.4m x 2.4mR7500
3m x 3mR8500
3m x 4mR10000
3m x 6mR13000
3m x 7mR14000
3m x 9mR17000
3m x 12mR21000
4m x 7mR18000
4m x 9mR18000
3m x 15mR25000
6m x 9mR27000
6m x 12mR34000

Electrical, bathrooms, ceiling and lining including divisions are charged extra. Please contact us for final quote.

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Guaranteed Services To Meet Your Demands

We understand that buying a wendy house of any time is a big step. You want peace of mind, that you are making the right choice.

This is why we guarantee our work is to the highest standard and complies to all necessary building standards. Be it just the structure, or fully plumbed and electrified, our Wendy houses will always deliver.

We pride our selves on delivering the best quality Wendy houses at competitive rates.

We offer a fully comprehensive package. Which makes it even more important that we do everything to the best possible standard.

Its not just about laws, and building codes, its about your safety and security. Electricity installation is not something to be taken lightly- which is why we use only qualified electricians, and leave your structure fully compliant.

We want you to enjoy your wendy house for years to come.

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