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Materials Options

Traditional Wood

Probably the most cost effective way to build an attractive Wendy house- and great if you want that traditional pine board look.

A timber frame is clad with treated pine boards. The boards are place horizontal so that water runs down each board onto the next.

All timber is treated to SABS standard, and with correct maintenence will give years and years of faithful service.

And don't think for a second that all you can build in this way are draughty sheds- with the correct lining and insulation material, its possible to turn any tradional Wendy house into a snug home or office building.

The great thing about this type of Wendy house (as well as Nutec Wendy Houses) is that they are not permanent structures, and can be easily moved.

Construction is quick- there is no quicker way to erect a structure of this quality- a wooden pallet floor is constructed onto supports (usually breeze blocks) and the frame is built on top of this. The frame is then paneled with the pine planking, and topped with a roofing material of your choice (usually galvanized roof sheets).

large site office


Nutec is a trade name for a high quality, man made cement fiber board. Small synthetic fibers are mixed with Portland cement to form super strong and durable boards.

As with a traditional Wendy house, the structure is built around a treated wooden frame, however, instead of using treated pine boards for the cladding, we use Nutec boards.

Straight from the factory, the boards are a cement grey colour, however, they can be painted in exactly the same way as any other concrete finish, so you will never get that traditional wooden look, but you do have a nearly limitless choice of colours.

And apart from the odd lick of paint, that is all the maintenence you will need. Nutec is impervious to rot, and rodents hate the stuff, they simply will not bite it, and other pests, such as insects have zero interest in it.

Nutec is slightly more expensive than traditional wood, however, the lower maintenence issues, and the prolonged life time of the product make it a great investment.

We can supply Nutec wendy houses either in their bare state for you to paint yourself, or our expert painters can do the job for you.

If you are considering a traditional wooden wendy, why not get a quote for Nutec too- considering the long term payoff, its always worth considering.


Vibracrete is a very different process from the other options we offer. For a start, it is a permanent structure, it requires a slab floor to be laid (to SABS standards and local building code thickness). However, once that slab is laid, the process is fairly straight forward, and you can have a permanent home much, much quicker, and more cost effectively than traditional building methods.

Long, reinforced, concrete post are sunk deep into the ground, around the concrete slab. Specially made panels are then laid into groves in the posts, forming walls. The structure is then pulled together with roof beams, and usually topped with roof sheets of your choice.

The structure can then either be left as is, or rendered, to give a sleek appearance. As with all our structures, the inside can then be finished to any standard, from simple outdoor spaces for storage, to fully habitable living space.

And although the system is built around standard panels, it is amazingly versatile, allowing us to put in windows and doors, including sliding doors, with ease.

We should point out that because these structures are permanent, you should ensure that all planning permissions are obtained and thoroughly checked, before commencing- its not possible to move these structures a few meters once they are up- and you will not be taking them with you if you move.

large vibracrete wendy house with sliding doors

Sample Price List

Here are price lists for our most popular wendy houses

Nutec prices flat boards

1.8m x 1.8mR8000
1.8m x 2.4mR8999
2.4m x 2.4mR9550
3m x 3mR10500
3m x 4mR12500
3m x 6mR16000
3m x 7mR18500
3m x 9mR21500
3m x 12mR26000
6m x 6mR26000
6m x 9mR35000
6m x 12mR45000

Nutec overlapping

1.8m x 1.8mR10200
1.8m x 2.4mR11500
2.4m x 2.4mR12750
3m x 3mR14000
3m x 6mR22500
3m x 9mR29000
3m x 12mR38000
6m x 6mR38000
6m x 9mR49500
6m x 12mR57000

Wooden Wendy houses

3m x 3mR7500
3m x 4mR9000
3m x 6mR11000
3m x 9mR14000
3m x 12mR17500
4m x 7mR15000
4m x 9mR18000
3m x 15mR22000
6m x 9mR27000
6m x 12mR34000

Electrical, bathrooms, ceiling and lining including divisions are charged extra. Please contact us for final quote.

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Finishing off

Our team of experts can finish a structure to any requirements.

Electrics- From a simple light, to a fully modern living space, our electricians can install it, from distribution boards, wiring plugs, and installing lights (inside or out). All fully compliant and certified.

Plumbing- Usually required only for living quarters, or office/site buildings. If you find it in a home, we can install it- from sinks to toilets, water supplies and sanitation- all to standard, all to code.

Decor- Some people only see Wendy houses as glorified garden sheds. We challenge those people to see what we can do with the inside of one. If you need living space then we will make it feel like you are walking into any home.

Doors and windows- We can install any type of door or window to suit your requirements- be it wooden frame, or aluminium sliding doors.

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